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Dating Poetry: Expressing Love Through Words

dating poetry

There’s something about the way a well-written poem can capture the essence of feeling and convey it in a way that prose simply cannot. 

Dating poetry have a long and storied history, dating back to the earliest days of written poetry. From Shakespeare’s sonnets to the love poems of Pablo Neruda, poets have been using their words to express their love and devotion for centuries. But what sets dating poems apart is their intended audience – they are written with a specific person in mind, and are often used as a tool for courtship and seduction.

In today’s modern world of dating apps and instant messaging, it’s easy to forget the power of a well-written love letter or poem. But for those who are willing to put in the time and effort, a dating poem can be a truly powerful way to express your feelings and win over the heart of the one you love.

This is not only for my long distance couples out there, though I do urge you to do this. This is for everyone and anyone willing and wanting to give their love a special little something. I still do this and I live with my boyfriend. Near or far, letters and poems are everlasting.

About My Poetry

My poetry is a reflection of my personal experiences and emotions. I think every writer tends to draw inspiration from their own life as well as the world around them, and I do the same. It doesn’t sound real if you haven’t experienced it. I started out writing about nature and the way the rain captivates me, but that has shifted, for I have found something else that enchants me; way more than rain ever did.

As cheesy as it may sound, I never liked romantic or dating poetry because it was something I never related to, until I found him.

My style is free-form and I prefer to let the words flow naturally rather than adhere to a strict structure, though I do try to expand my writing at times and follow some structure such as haikus and sonnets. Sometimes a single moment, image, or poem pattern can spark an idea for a poem. Other times, I may draw from a larger theme or idea that has been on my mind.

Poetry is a way for me to express myself and connect with others. I hope that my words can resonate with readers and provide comfort or inspiration in their own lives.

Tips For Writing Dating Poetry

Writing a heartfelt poem for my significant other is a great way to show him how much I care and appreciate him. At first, I was super nervous to share my writing with him, and I still kind of am, but I have gotten better about sharing my feelings with him and letting him experience my true thoughts about him.

Here are a few tips and ideas for writing poems for your boyfriend:

  • Get inspired by your relationship: Think about the special moments you’ve shared with your boyfriend, the things you love about him, and the feelings he evokes in you. Use these as inspiration for your poem.
  • Choose a style that suits you: There are many different styles of poetry, from free verse to sonnets. Choose a style that feels comfortable for you and that you think will resonate with your partner. If you are not familiar with types of poems, check out to learn about some.
  • Use sensory details: Including sensory details in your poem can make it more vivid and engaging. Describe the way your lover’s smile lights up their face, the sound of their laughter, or the way their hand feels in yours. Don’t be afraid to use a thesaurus (I do it all the time). You can also use rhyming websites to help you if you want your poem to rhyme.
  • Be honest and authentic: Don’t try to force your poem to sound a certain way or to fit a certain mold. Write from the heart and be true to yourself and your feelings. While it easy to just write what other people have written and tell your person that this is how you feel about them, it means so much more if you take the time to write something new yourself. This being said, don’t be afraid to let someone else’s work inspire you.

Remember, the most important thing is to write a poem that feels genuine and heartfelt. Your significant other is sure to appreciate the effort you put into expressing your love for him through poetry. Now, time for examples.

Example Poems

What I am about to share are original works of mine. Please feel free to get inspired and write your own authentic masterpiece.

New Pillow

Soft be the pillows that scatter around the bed

But from now on

I’ll lay upon

Your chest with just my head

My heart will blush and flutter

As you pull me close

And I can’t help but stutter

The fact I love you most.

Mother Nature

I envy the rain that kisses your skin and sings you sound to sleep

I envy the sun that brightens your day and leaves red upon your cheek

I envy the wind that ruffles your hair and whispers in your ear

All this mother nature does should be me instead, my dear.

Enchanting Campaign

Whenever I look right up at you

My mind intertwines with you soul

Blood pulses through veins just as quick as the rains

My heart takes the brunt of the toll.

You may consider me selfish,

It’s your love I wish to obtain

For if you may grant your heart to enchant

I’ll be loyal to its mighty campaign.

Spicy Poems

When it comes to dating, sometimes it’s important to add a little spice to keep things interesting. And what better way to do that than with a spicy poem? Spicy poems can be a great way to express your passion and desire for your partner. They can be sensual, romantic, or even a little bit naughty. Whatever your style, there’s sure to be a way to get their heart racing.

Without further ado, here is something for you inspiration (yes I am about to share my own. Viewer discretion is advised 😉


Breathe all of me in as if it’s your life mission to use me as a release

Do it time after time because it is mine to lend you all of my peace

And when you are done and you crave something fun you can use me for your pleasure

It’s my honor to serve for it’s what you deserve

now, will you yield chain or leather?

Royal Loyalty

My favorite poem to write

My favorite song to sing

you’ve brightened my life with your light,

For that, I will make you my king

I’ll respect you just like royalty

I’ll serve you like a slave

First, I’ll show you loyalty

Then get on my knees and beg

True Desire

I have never felt desire…

Until I felt your hands around my throat.

Read me

Run your hands

Over my body

As if you are reading

Your favorite book

In braille

Take Away

I hope you enjoyed reading my original pieces and found some inspiration in some of them. It’s important to write poems yourself in order to sound authentic and genuine. Trust me, poems are personal and heartfelt and your partner will appreciate it so much more if it’s written about your experiences together.

It may be scary to share your art, especially if you are new at writing, but trust me, if they are the one for you, they will love it and carry your words in their hearts forever.

Also, don’t be afraid to have fun with it. Like you see in this post, I play around with spacing and alignment in order to keep it entertaining. Try to stay away from writing big long paragraphs. Not only is it harder to read, but it’s hard to see/hear the rhyme pattern. Make sure to play with words as well with spacing to keep your poetry alluring and readable.

There is another post I made here on Willorei about long distance relationship poems. If you liked this post and you are interested in reading more head on over to that post.

Your pen pal,


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