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Humor in Relationship: 6 ways to make your Partner’s eyes smile

humor in relationships
Humor in Relationship: 6 ways to make your Partner's eyes smile 1

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my relationships, it’s that humor and laughter can make or break them. After all, laughter is the best medicine, right? Keeping things light and fun is a key ingredient to having a happy and healthy relationship. So, why not dive into the art of being funny and explore how it can bring a delightful flavor to our love lives?

First off, let me share my revelation on how humor has saved my relationship from the clutches of boredom, monotony, and even serious arguments. With a witty comment or a well-timed joke, I’ve managed to ease tensions and bring a smile to both of our faces. Making someone laugh, especially a loved one, is one of the best feelings in the world. And believe me, seeing their joy and laughter is pure magic. According to, humor and laughter are powerful tools to “be more spontaneous, let go of defensiveness, and express your true feelings.”

Now, let’s get ready to laugh our way to a healthier, happier relationship!

The Power of Laughter in Relationships

I believe laughter to be a magical force that can be wielded to strengthen a connection between two people. Shared laughter can help us experience more positive emotions, reduce negative emotions, and make us feel closer to our partners (Greater Good).

When I bring humor and laughter into my relationships, it takes my mind off my troubles and allows me to let go of any defensiveness I might be holding on to.

Here are a few ways I use laughter in my love life:

  • Unexpected puns: Dropping an unexpected pun or play on words always gets a giggle. Puns can be a surprisingly good icebreaker or a fun way to lighten the mood.
  • Funny stories: Sharing amusing anecdotes from your day or childhood can not only bring laughter but also helps your partner understand your values and experiences on a deeper level.
  • Playful teasing: Light-hearted teasing can showcase your wit and create a fun, flirty atmosphere. Just remember to keep it gentle and be mindful not to cross any boundaries.

Of course, it’s important to remember that humor can be subjective. What I find hilarious may not tickle the funny bone of my significant other. So, it’s crucial to consider their sense of humor and be prepared for the occasional flop. When that happens, simply laugh it off and move on. After all, laughter is the best medicine (

Types of Humor in Relationship

There are many types of humor which mean there are many ways to incorporate it into a healthy relationship. In this section, I’ll guide you through a few different types of humor you can use to keep the spark alive:

Wit and Puns

I love some quick-witted banter! Nothing is better than giving a witty comeback to your partner in a fun and enjoyable way. This is a great way to keep a flirtatious mood within the relationship and to keep your partner on their toes.

Puns are one of the oldest and most popular jokes and for good reason. These little wordplay gems can add a dash of humor to your everyday conversations. A well-timed pun not only showcases your intellect but can also catch your partner off guard, making them laugh at the unexpected. Don’t be afraid to play with words and find the funny side of language!

Physical Comedy

physical comedy humor in relationship

Let’s not forget the classics! Physical comedy, like tripping over imaginary objects or making silly faces, can lighten any situation. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a good slapstick routine?Don’t worry about being to silly especially if this is your partners sense of humor. Just remember not to take it too far; we don’t want any injuries!

Callback Jokes

One of my personal favorites! Callback jokes involve referencing a previous shared experience, joke, or memory. They work wonders at making your partner feel connected to you and your shared history. It’s amazing how bringing up an old joke can still make us laugh, right?

The reason these jokes are so effective at making people laugh is that they only work in certain situations and the person probably forgot about it. Bringing up a shared experience most of the time refreshes the memory which brings them back to that time. They remember the funny moment while hearing the funny joke, it’s a double whammy. The better the timing and the better the joke equals a harder laugh.

Inside Jokes

If callback jokes are my favorite, inside jokes must be a close second! These personal jokes only you and your partner understand can make you both burst into laughter in a crowded room. Because only the two of you know what it is about, it makes these jokes feel really special which adds to the quality of the joke.

Don’t try to force a inside joke, the best ones happen naturally. This being said, it’s also important to use it only when it makes sense. Constantly saying the inside joke will make it lose meaning and won’t be funny to your partner anymore. If you are unsure of when to use it, you can look up how to utilize timing in your jokes. With stuff like this, timing is key.

Sharing Memes

sharing memes humor in relationship

Ah, the modern age of humor! Sharing memes and funny videos with your partner can add a touch of levity to your day. It not only makes you giggle but also shows your partner that you’re thinking of them. Throwing a funny meme their way can be the perfect pick-me-up!

Especially when my partner and I were long-distance, we used to send each other a lot of funny Instagram reels just to keep the fun alive. Doing this can also create a sense of connection due to the fact you are sharing something enjoyable with your loved one. Sending each other memes and funny videos is also a good way to set up a callback joke in the future. And who knows, maybe even inside jokes.

Observational Humor

Last but not least, observational humor is all about finding comedy in everyday life. I find that making lighthearted observations about mundane situations can make your partner laugh and appreciate the little absurdities that life throws at us. It’s important to find humor in certain situations, especially if they are irritating or inconvenient. The key here is to explore life with a funny lens! After all, what’s the point of life if you can’t laugh about it?

All the time you hear people making dark humor jokes about history and tragic situations that have happened in the past. The main reason people do this is to let it out of their system because if they don’t it can be very damaging to ones mental health. Dark humor is not for everyone so please make sure to check with your partner and find out if they can take such jokes.

So there you have it! These types of humor can form the backbone of laughter and enjoyment in your relationship. Don’t be afraid to let loose and experiment with them, because, after all, laughter is the best medicine!

Improving Your Sense of Humor

As someone who enjoys laughter and humor, I recognize the significance of incorporating humor into my relationship. In order to be funnier, I have explored a few essential strategies.

Finding Your Comedy Style

communication style humor in relationship

First, I took the time to identify my personal comedy style. To do this, I considered the things that make me laugh and the type of jokes I enjoy. I discovered that my humor leans towards sarcasm and wit. In relationships however, I have found that the type of jokes your partner likes is almost just as important as yours when it comes to making them laugh.

If you are good enough at your style you can still make them laugh, but if you take the time to learn how to tickle your partners funny bone, I am sure they will feel more connected to you.

Observing Others

Next, I began observing others to learn from their humor. I paid close attention to comedians and friends who make me laugh and analyzed their comedy styles (Psychology Today). By doing this, I picked up on the techniques and timing they used to effectively deliver humor.

Though you may have a certain sense of humor you enjoy over others, you can achieve a well-rounded idea for all types of comedy by observing multiple types of humor.

Practice Makes Improvement

Lastly, I realized that practice is vital for improving my sense of humor. I started by attempting to incorporate more jokes and funny anecdotes into conversations with friends and family. I also tried to initiate laughter during tense or difficult moments in my relationship, which allowed both my partner and me to let go of defensiveness and express our true feelings ( As a result, my sense of humor has improved, and I’ve seen the positive impact that laughter can have on my relationship.

So if you’re looking to improve your sense of humor, try finding your comedy style, observing others, and practicing until you perfect those punchlines!

Laughter as a Relationship Strengthener

relationship stregthener humor in relationship

A strong relationship is often built on laughter and humor. Incorporating humor into relationships has numerous benefits that help take connections to the next level.

Psychological Benefits

Laughter has a magical way of elevating our mood and reducing stress. By injecting laughter into my relationships, I’ve learned it helps me feel more connected with my partner, making it easier for us to let go of our inhibitions and be more spontaneous. Moreover, when I share laughter with someone, it creates a sense of connection, which leads to a more fulfilling and healthy relationship.

Creating a Shared Sense of Humor

shared humor humor in relationship

Being funny can come naturally to some, but it’s never too late to develop a shared sense of humor with your partner. I’ve learned that trying out fun activities, watching comedies together, or exchanging jokes is an excellent way to bond with my significant other and foster a unique sense of shared humor.

Acknowledging someone’s sense of humor is important when trying to get someone to laugh. Once you identify your partner’s sense of humor, you can then combine those together to make a really funny and enjoyable experience. Identifying their behavior towards jokes is also a way to understand them on a deeper level.

Diffusing Conflict

Nobody enjoys conflicts or disagreements, but they’re an inevitable part of life. I’ve found that using humor has been an effective tool to help defuse tense situations in my relationships. An unexpected funny comment could be all it takes to change a heated atmosphere into a lighter one, opening the door for civilized discussion.

Of course, timing is essential, and I’ve been careful not to make jokes that may come across as insensitive or dismissive. I am not saying to squeeze your way out of these conflicts using humor. Obviously, there is a time and place for joking around, and most of the time an argument is not a good time to do it. However, if you know your partner and it’s at a good enough time, a joke can be the best thing to defuse the tension.

Healing Emotional Wounds

emotional wounds humor in relationship

Laughter has helped me to let go of negative feelings, such as resentment, judgments, or doubts that can sometimes build up in relationships. Whenever I share laughter with my partner, it creates a therapeutic atmosphere where emotional wounds are given the chance to heal, allowing me to express my true feelings freely and honestly.

My favorite time for joking around is right before bed when we are both exhausted from the day. We tend to get silly due to our sleep deprivation which makes our jokes absolutely hilarious. It’s in these moments that I am completely at peace with my life knowing I have someone beside me that I can laugh and be my true self around.

Navigating Humor Pitfalls

As much as I appreciate humor and laughter in a healthy relationship, sometimes it might backfire if we don’t navigate certain pitfalls carefully. Allow me to share a few pointers on how to be funny while avoiding some common humor traps.

Sarcasm and Teasing

Humor in relationship guide
Humor in Relationship: 6 ways to make your Partner's eyes smile 2

When it comes to sarcasm and teasing, there’s a fine line between light-hearted fun and hurtful jabs. I’ve learned that the key lies in being aware of both my partner’s feelings and my own intentions when making these comments. So, here is my golden rule: never forget that the ultimate goal is to build your connection through laughter.

If there’s even a slight chance that my witty remark might hurt my partner or undermine their confidence, I try to hold back. Instead, I focus on exploring other more positive and affirming ways to create humor together.

Avoiding Inappropriate Humor

There’s a time and place for everything, including humor. I’ve realized that certain jokes can be perceived as insensitive, offensive, or simply tasteless, depending on the context and the audience. To avoid these issues, I try to consider the impact of my humor on those around me.

For instance, I avoid joking about sensitive topics, such as personal struggles or painful events, unless I’m confident that my partner is comfortable with it. And when it comes to more controversial subjects, I choose my words carefully so as not to inadvertently escalate tensions or create discord. By focusing on shared, light-hearted humor, I believe we can foster a loving and supportive relationship.


As I’ve journeyed through the world of humor and laughter, I’ve discovered that being funny is both an art and a science. It’s not just about cracking jokes—it’s about finding ways to bring joy and laughter into our connections with others.

It’s important to note that incorporating humor into a relationship requires understanding your partner‘s sense of humor, recognizing the right timings and appropriate situations, and most importantly, being authentic in your delivery. In doing so, you can discover for yourself that laughter has the power to reduce stress, increase happiness, and foster a more intimate bond between partners. Just remember that, like any good recipe, the key ingredient is love and respect for one another.

So, the next time I’m feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders, I’ll remember to take a step back, share a laugh, and keep things light. After all, if you can’t have a sense of humor, there is no point in life.

Your pen pal,